How not to do Christmas cards


And the prize for the worst Christmas card this year goes to …

My milkman!


Here are my reasons:

  • No name on the envelope – doesn’t my milkman know my name?
  • The envelope wasn’t stuck down – it hadn’t even be closed
  • No name inside the card – proof that my milkman doesn’t know my name, even though I pay him by cheque and my name is on the cheques
  • A label stuck inside the card saying “Thank you for your support. Best wishes from Ian”

I know my milkman is probably busy, but to waste time on a production line of sticking labels into dozens of cards, to be left with a milk delivery? If I were him, I’d spend the time getting to know my customers – stopping to say hello once in a while. He might get to know a few names and encourage more of his customers to buy more from him.


2 Responses

  1. A good point well made Chantal!

    How would you rate the (presumed) client who left me a bottle of Champagne with a note that just says ‘Thanks for everything Nigel’, but isn’t signed!

    Not a clue who it is from! But very grateful!

    • What a lovely surprise for you! The only problem with not knowing who it’s from is that you won’t be able to thank them! Perhaps you should mention it on your blog or Twitter and see if anyone owns up?!


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