Promoting your business through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


We’ve been working with a CSR consultant, Jo Sandford from Creating Synergy, to look at what CSR we’ve been doing in our business and what else we can do. Jo knew all the right questions to ask and and we realised that we’re doing more than we had thought. She also helped us set goals for what else we’re going to do this year.

So why are we doing CSR? Well, we’re doing CSR for a few reasons, including developing the skills of our team and finding new ways to promote our business. We’ve agreed that each of us in the business will spend a week working with a charity or voluntary group, giving them our skills and developing new ones. We’ll be keeping you up to date with what we do during the year through this blog. We’ll also be shouting about what we’re up to – through the press and online platforms – to show how we’re different from other marketing companies.

Many people try to do CSR. They offer some time or expertise to a local charity, or just give them money. If you don’t know what you want out of the deal, or what the charity could get out of it, you might get turned down or end up stuffing envelopes for a week. This doesn’t stretch you at all and doesn’t give you a good PR story. So find a friendly CSR consultant who can help you find the right project.

How can you use CSR to promote your business?