What does your car say about your business?

Chantal CorneliusOne of my clients phoned me once, to ask what sort of car she should buy. An interesting question to ask a Marketing Consultant and a sensible one, because for her, it was about creating the right image. Sarah is a curtain designer and interior designer and visits the homes of her prospective clients, to give them advice on the best curtains for their homes. Many of her clients are quite wealthy and expect high quality service and products.

At the time of asking, Sarah was driving an old Volvo that was a little past it’s best. “Should I buy a zippy little Golf or something similar?” she asked me? She needed something that could fit all her pattern books that she takes with her, to help her clients decide what curtains to have. Would a nippy hatchback create the right impression, or should she buy something more ‘conservative’?

I asked Sarah what sort of cars her clients drove. Volvo XC90s was her reply. I asked her what car her husband currently drove. “A Volvo XC90,” she replied. There was her answer! No need to buy a flash new car – just take her husband’s 4×4 when she was visiting clients and prospects!

My tiny Peugeot 106 is my Eco-Warrior because he does 60 miles to the gallon and has a tiny carbon footprint and tax bill! What car do you drive and what does it say about you and your business?

If you want some stunning new curtains, visit Sarah’s website at www.SarahWooldridge.co.uk.


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