Marketing works better when it works together

I’ve just written a case study to go into my new book and wanted to share it with you. It’s about one of my clients how using a wide range of marketing activities, all working together, is really helping to grow her business.

Options HR is a company that provides valuable HR advice to businesses that do not have their own HR department. To attract new clients and encourage existing clients to use more of their services, they use a range of both Online and Offline Marketing tactics, all carefully integrated and working together.

The company had a website which was used as a brochure site. It was static and the company was not able to update the content easily. There was no way of keeping in regular contact with existing clients or networking contacts. A number of clients used the HR services on an ad hoc basis, only when there was a problem that needed to be sorted out; they were not aware of all the services available to them.

After a planning session that showed a large potential for winning more business from existing clients, we put together a plan for a range of integrated marketing. We moved the website to a Content Management System so that we could update the site whenever we needed to. We started writing and publishing email newsletters, every two months, to be sent to existing clients, past clients and other contacts. This is a simple way of the company keeping in touch with everyone on a regular basis and the newsletters provide useful, up to date HR advice.

We ran quarterly HR clinics where clients and prospects could bring their HR issues to a confidential meeting and get help from the HR specialists and the other people around the table. The first two sessions attracted just a handful of visitors, but generated new work for the company. For the third event, a special email invitation was sent to all clients, inviting them to bring colleagues or their own clients to a session specifically around Performance Management. A Telesales specialist was then brought in for a day, to call everyone on the list and ask if they would be attending. Everyone who accepted was emailed a few days before the meeting to remind them. This session attracted nearly 20 people, including some prospective clients, who were all able to get help with their specific issues and pick up expert tips.

I took my video camera which was used on the day, to capture the presenter giving advice on Performance Management. A number of short video clips will be put onto YouTube to be found by anyone who needs them and encouraging people to visit the website for more advice. There will be links from the email newsletters to the videos and they will be embedded into the website for visitors to watch. All past issues of the newsletters are also available on the website, building up a valuable resource for clients and prospective clients. If you’d like to attend the next clinic on 19 January 2012 get in touch with Options HR through their website.

By planning and then integrating a range of marketing activities, the results have dramatically increased for Options HR. Marketing works better when it works together.

My new book, The Client Magnet (How to Market Your Services as a Coach, Consultant or Trainer) which will be available from 16 November 2011. Pre-launch orders are being taken now – order it now and it’s just £10! Click here to place your order.


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  1. That is so right! I think all thing will work when it works together. Thanks for sharing this.

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