Measuring your marketing

To make your marketing really effective, you need to measure every marketing activity that you carry out.

You can start by measuring the number of enquiries that you generate from each activity and how much it costs for each enquiry. Go a stage further and measure the number of new clients generated from those enquiries. Some activities may generate many enquiries, but if they’re not the right sort of enquiries – not your ideal clients – you will not get the conversion to clients that you want.

When you are measuring the cost, take everything into account. If you attend a regular networking meeting, include the annual fee and cost of each meeting. You can even include the time that you spend at each meeting and your time to travel there – this will show you if it’s worth you driving for two hours to that networking meeting, even if it’s free to attend.

Be really specific with your measurements. For example, for networking meetings, measure the effectiveness of each group you attend, as this will show you if some are better for you than others. If you advertise in newspapers or magazines, measure the results you get from each one.

Once you have started to measure your marketing, take a look at the numbers. Are there any surprises? Do you have some marketing activities that are working better than others? Are there some that are not working as well as you thought they might be? Are there some marketing activities that you should stop and others that you should do better?

This is an exerpt from my new book about Marketing Planning, which will be published on 16 November 2011.  Pre-launch orders now being taken – click here to reserve your copy.


3 Responses

  1. This was really helpful, thanks. Do you have any advice on marketing on a shoe string budget?

  2. I was just writing about that yesterday, for another section of my book! Social media is the big area you can work on, if you’ve got a tight buget. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can all be used a lot for no cost – other than your time. Focus on providing useful advice and information rather than trying to sell. Some networking meetings are free for you to attend and if you’re good a public speaking, offering to give presentations at networking meetings or run seminars at events works really well too.
    I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more specific advice?

  3. Leads is the best way to promte sites and business.

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