Don’t sell me X, sell me Y

Chantal Cornelius from AppletreeWhat do you really sell? If you’re a Marketing Consultant, do you really sell Marketing Consultancy? Is that what people actually buy from you?

Here’s an exercise you can use to get a fresh look on what you really sell. Ask people at a networking meeting, your clients or your staff for alternatives to what you actually provide. When I did this at a recent event, I said “Don’t sell me Marketing Consultancy, sell me …” and here are some of the suggestions I received:

… new clients

… introductions

… help with developing my community

… more business

… lovely customers.

Get the idea? So if you’re an Accountant, don’t sell me accountancy – sell me financial security. If you’re a catering company, don’t sell me catering – sell me an event that boosts my reputation. If you’re a career coach, don’t sell me career coaching – sell me my dream job!

If you need some suggestions for what you really sell, get in touch and I’ll send you some ideas.


3 Responses

  1. This is a great post, helped me think about what I am trying to offer with my blog and some other websites I want to start. Thank you!

    • Glad it’s helpful! I can’t claim full credit as I was introduced to the concept at a networkig meeting. It’s great if you do the exercise with other people, to get ideas from them.

  2. Great post! Very smart way advice for people who is in business world and also for others who are not. Keep it up.

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