How well do you do the little things?


At a recent networking presentation, a wise man suggested that we should focus on doing the little things well. When you do, you’ll make a great impression and keep your clients really happy. So what are the little things? Here’s an example I’ve just experienced.

Last week my car needed some work done on the back breaks. While it was at the garage I asked them to check out what might be a slow puncture in two of the tyres. They kindly looked at them and didn’t find a problem, so bought the car back. When I said I was sure there was a problem, the garage said to bring the car back in and they’d have another look, free of charge.

So a day or so later I stopped off at the garage – no appointment – and asked them for a second opinion. One of the mechanics came straight out and checked all my tyres. Eventually he found the problem and suggestion a simple solution. OK, so it cost me a few quid to replace some tyres, but since one of them wasn’t going to get as far as the MOT in two months, I didn’t mind. They had all the tyres in stock and changed the ones that needed to be changed. They even put the spare back in its holder under the car, without being asked. The service was fast and cheerful. I wasn’t charged for the time spent changing the tyres – just the cost of the tyres. Nothing was too much trouble and I was back in the office in no time.

That’s how my local garage focuses on doing the little things well. What are the little things in your business and how do you make sure you do them well?


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