What does Naymz tell us about you?


So people can follow you on Twitter, view your Linkedin profile, stay as your friend on Facebook, find out what you like to read by viewing your Delicious bookmarks, now what will Naymz tell us about you?

Naymz is a recent competitor to LinkedIn. Oh no, not another business network I hear you say, who needs another one, but it just might depend on what you “need”.

Naymz has about a million users.  It is much smaller than LinkedIn (at 55 million). It was launched to the public in June 2006.

There are two levels of joining:

  • Basic (Free to join)
  • Premium (which costs $4.95 per month)

Lets deal with the free Basic level .  You will need to set up your profile giving as much information about yourself as you  wish, create a password which you will need to use to login each time you use Naymz. 

Quoting from the site directly, with Naymz you can:

Online Professional Branding
Build your online professional brand by creating a profile page and publishing it on the web. We will optimise your profile so that its visible in the search engines, like Google and Yahoo. ………. ………………. ………………..

Share ideas, questions, opportunities and statuses in real-time with your network and the whole Naymz community. Engage in discussion and help others in your network find solutions to specific problems. 

Connection Builder
Extend your network to meet new, reputable professionals who you can benefit from meeting and vice-versa. No introduction fees required and no limits on communication. You set your own communication settings.

RepScore Ecosystem
Invite your clients, colleagues and friends to vouch for your honesty, integrity and credibility through anonymous assessments. You’ve worked hard over the years to establish a good name and reputation, so we combine all feedback and publish a RepScore to your profile for the world to see.

Content Aggregation
Are you publishing your knowledge and expertise across the web in blogs and social networking sites? Link your blog to your Naymz account and syndicate your expertise to the Naymz community. You can also collect links to all of your online personae in one easy-to-find place. It’s like the table of contents to your online identity. 

Reputation Monitor
Keep an eye on what is being said about you online across various sources such as blogs, news sites, social networks and other online content with our real-time monitoring tool.

Job Board
Search for jobs by keyword and location, or let us suggest jobs based on your profile information. Looking to hire? We will let you post your jobs for $40 for 30 days and syndicate across our partner networks.

People Finder
Looking for old colleagues or classmates? Search more than 1 million professionals across 100s of countries. Also, if you’re a recruiter you can do quick searches for prospective hires for free!

Profile Analytics and Alerts
We guarantee that once you set up your profile, it will be found by recruiters, protential clients, colleagues and friends. When that happens we’ll provide you with some insight into when and how your profile was found.

Activity Feeds
Want to keep tabs on your professional contacts? With activity feeds we’ll provide you with updates when a contact updates their profile, posts an Exchange, updates their blog, etc. It’s a great way to stay in tune with the activities of those in your professional network.

Custom Profile Themes
Select one of several custom profile themes that matches your personal style and character and publish it to your business card section of the profile page.

Some of the best things about naymz.com is the fact that it allows you connect to anyone on the network without any restrictions.  It allows you to do micro-blogging (much like Twitter), have a reputation score for your niche (your Repscore is based on a system of points).  Members earn points by filling in profile details and connecting with other members.  Members with high point scores get benefits that include free Google ads – sponsored links.  It allows you to bring all your social media and networking profiles together all in one place.

Naymz philosophy is “A good professional reputation is the key to effectively networking with other professionals.”

Worth giving it a go? Let us know how you get on?


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