How not to do direct mail


“Dear Sir or Madam” – if you really want to get my attention, make a phone call first to find out my name, instead of addressing me that way.

“We currently have available an exceptional new business person who is immediately available” –  but I’m not looking to recruit a ‘new business person’.

“In his previous role … he won business from companies like Budweiser, Oracle and Dell” – so where’s the proof that he can win business from SMEs?

“If you would like more information … do not hesitate to contact me” – if you’re that interested in working with me (or finding a job for this superstar) shouldn’t you be phoning me? Oh, I forgot, you can’t because you don’t know my name!!

If you’re going to write to companies to tell them about your services, do a little bit of research first and you can save yourself a great deal of time, money and effort.


One Response

  1. So true! I take it a step further and always tell my clients to make sure they run an NCOA (national change of address) on their file if they haven’t reached out to their list in over 6 months. I wouldn’t buy from you if you can’t even get my address right!

    Mark Ryan

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