Are you being silly on Red Nose Day?


Here at Appletree we don’t always work with our noses to the grindstone, sometimes we stick red plastic round things on them and start being silly!

It’s important to get light relief into work sometimes, and certainly there is no exception when it comes to doing marketing. OK, there are moments when deadlines horribly loom, or even sail past uncontrollably, but once the shock has been experienced, it’s important to realise that whatever happens, whatever fate throws at us, we are only human!

There are plenty of times when we make each other laugh, whether it’s telling a funny story, remarking on an obvious observation, recounting hillarious past actions at a meeting or activity – and there’s plenty of unrepeatable stuff unsuitable for this post – only last Wednesday we broke the tension by dishing out chocolates and making strange munching noises (I told you we were silly).

So are you equally as silly at work to make it a better place? What do you do (or are you too embarrassed to tell)? And does it work? – that’s a question to consider: copious amounts of frivolity may not solve the problem, but does it make the environment a better place to attempt a resolution?

I’ve been told I’m completely nuts, even when I wasn’t particularly trying to be so, especially by one particular Twitter user who valued the stray-from-the-norm antics I was displaying (apparently). But it’s important to remember there is a time and a place for being silly, and as long as it is used in the right proportions, positions and priorities. It’s suitable as a foil for seriousness and formality, but too much can be detrimental and undermining – so be careful!


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