Baby Boomers, Generation X or Generation Y – who are your clients?


According to certain sources, Baby Boomers are people born before the late 1960s. Generation X people were born from then up to the 1980s. And Generation Y babies were born between 1980 and 2010.

Which ‘generation’ are you? And, more importantly, which ‘generation’ are your clients and prospects? My reason for asking is that the way in which you communicate with your clients will vary, according to their ‘generation’. Here’s how it works.

Baby Boomers like doing things the ‘traditional’ ways. They like brochures and websites that tell them exactly what they’re going to get. They go to networking meetings – but they don’t really like spending a long time getting to know people; they look for quick returns.

Generation X folk like interactive websites and blogs. They’ve started to tweet and can just about keep up the momentum. They are good at networking and like meeting people; they talk about challenges and how they can help, without going for the hard sell.

Generation Y people spend a huge amount of time on Facebook and Twitter. They have the latest gadgets and gizmos and use YouTube for searching the internet for what they need.

Why does it matter where your clients and potential clients hang out? Because for you to reach them and connect with them, you need to ‘hang out’ in the same places. You need to use the same media that they use, to get your message out to them. For instance, if your clients and prospects are Baby Boomers, don’t expect them to find you and speak to you on Twitter – because they’ve probably never even heard of it! If you’re looking for Generation Y people, don’t expect them to turn up at networking events and make sure you learn the language of Twitter, Facebook and whatever is coming next.

Whatever ‘generation’ you are from, think about the age of your clients and prospects. Then you can check out where they hang out, so you can hang out with them too and get your message out to them simply and effectively.


2 Responses

  1. I can understand why you say about generations differing, but I don’t agree with your concept
    that all of a certain generation like networking etc. I deall with wardrobe personalities and I think that whatever generation you come from there are always some people more comfortable mixing and mingling adn how they do it will vary. Some are good at lsitening whilst others talk more and listen less. I twitter will all age groups but certain personalities use it more, whilst others prefer face to face.

  2. Yes Angela, you might be right. But I think that’s with wardrobe stuffs only. It has something to do with use of gadgets. It definitely differs according to the generation. Many members of generation X are not aware about the recent technology. In this case marketing strategy becomes totally different from generation to generation.

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