What’s the best way to encourage more referrals?


One of my clients told me that she’d given some vouchers to someone to say thank you for a referral she’d given her. Nothing new in that, I know. I do think it’s really important to send an appropriate thank you for every referral you receive that turns into work. Make it personal – don’t send wine to someone who doesn’t drink, or chocolates to someone on a diet.

It’s what my client did next that’s clever. She asked her colleague what she’d like as a thank you for the next referral she gave! It’s clever because it means you know exactly what to give that person next time; and it’s really clever because it will have that person looking for another referral they can give you. You’ve got them on the lookout for another great referral, because they’re looking forward to their next reward!

Clever stuff. And if you need a referral to a really good financial adviser, just let me know!


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