Not another email newsletter!


Is that what you think when yet another email newsletter drops into your inbox?

There are far too many bad email newsletters out there – ones that you haven’t asked to receive, that are full of sales pitch, or that don’t share anything useful with you. They are giving email newsletters a bad name!

However, newsletters are still a really cost effective way to promote your business. I’ve been writing this one for many years and it still brings me business, while helping to grow my reputation.

Because so many dreadful newsletters are still published, I’ve decided to help all the people who would still like to use a newsletter to promote their business – and who want to know how to do it properly.

I’ve crammed all my experience into my brand new 40+ page ebook. Whether you run your own business or work in the marketing department of a large organisation, this book will help you create a newsletter that gets responses like this one:

“I must say out of all the marketing emails I receive I feel yours are the best; this one is particularly good as it’s not a hard sell and it’s good to get some interesting advice.”

To find out how you too can create an email newsletter that people enjoy reading and that will help build your reputation and grow your business, click here to buy the ebook directly from my website for only £9.99 + VAT.


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