The 2010 Christmas card awards


I’ve already awarded the prize for the 2010 worst Christmas card – click here to read that blog post if you missed it.

There are a few more awards to present. The award for the Pointless Waste of Time and Money card goes to a printing company not far from my office. The image on the front of the card is made up of photos of people – I assume they’re the people who work there but I don’t know because I’ve never met any of them. Inside the card, there’s no name, so we have to assume that the card is for everyone in our office. The ‘signature’ has been pre-printed into the card and says “from everyone at XYZ Printing” There’s no name, so I still don’t know who works there or who I should contact if I want a print quote. OK so they’ve shown me part of their printing expertise, but is that enough? Their card doesn’t tell me that they treat their customers as individuals.

On a much more positive note, the Clever Use of a Christmas Card award goes to Viney Associates. Being a graphic designer, Anthony has created a clever and amusing design for the card. Rachel has applied her marketing brain to creating some clever copy and to using the reverse card to tell me when their office will be closed for Christmas.

And the award for my Favourite Christmas Card goes to my friend Sue from Springboard Consultancy. A handmade card, decorated with a simple felt pen drawing and stuck on sparkly bits. Inside is a personalised, hand written message. She’s even written her new address by hand and a fun copyright message on the back.  She told me that she spent a whole day making cards for her friends and colleagues and I can see how much care and attention she put into my card.

Now I’m not suggesting you start thinking about this year’s Christmas cards just yet, but when the time comes, think carefully about what you send, how much time and effort you’re going to commit and what impression you’re going to create. And if you can’t wait until Christmas, think about other times when you could send a card (birthday, thank you for a referral or a cleint’s support) and the effect you want it to have.


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