Ranting, reminding and rewards from Recognition Express


I have worked for Appletree for nearly 4 years as Customer Service Administrator. I was thrilled to be presented with an award plus lots of lovely goodies from Recognition Express. I didn’t know that my boss Chantal had nominated me, what a fantastic surprise!

I am delighted to think my boss believes I have the following some good attributes:

  • Dependable
  • Calm in times of stress
  • Patient
  • Keen to learn
  • Sense of humour

I think this award has given me such a boost. We don’t always say openly what we think about our colleagues, we may say the occasional thanks for their extra input in times of need. I didn’t think my extra input has been noticed. That is why this award is so important in the work place for an employee. It’s an official ‘thank you’ from the boss for all the dedication and hard work an employee has given the company in the past.

So, why would someone like me would want to go that extra mile in the workplace? Surely at the end of the day when it comes to closing down the computer and going home, any outstanding work can wait until the next day. I care about the smooth running of the office, which in turn, results in happy clients. So going that extra mile occsionally to complete some outstanding work for a Client is crucial. Working to deadlines and keeping the Client updated along the way with regard to progress is also paramount.  I don’t mind explaining over and over again how to load a newsletter to the non technical client. It’s all part of the job.

I think I must drive my colleagues crazy at times, especially Alice as I am constantly nagging her “have you had those results”, “what has happened to?” I am surprised she hasn’t poisoned my tea or coffee. I reminded Chantal about working through her ‘to do’ list the other day. I am surprised I still have a job!!!

When the pressure is off and the job is done, we do make time to have a laugh and a joke or just have a good old rant about everything. I think we ought to start a ‘rant’ box in the office. Have a good ‘rant’ get it off your chest and put a contribution in the box. Before we know it we might have enough money for a staff outing!!!


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