Our Dianne wins employee recognition award


Keith Burr of Recognition Express and Dianne Beechey

During the summer I entered Dianne Beechey, my longest serving employee, into the Recognition Awards 2010, run by Recognition Express. We were all delighted to hear that she won the Regional Final!

Dianne has been with my business for almost four years and this is what I put in my entry for the competition: “Dianne is the rock within the business. She is always there, always dependable. She keeps us calm in times of stress and tells us off for swearing; she works brilliantly with our clients; and she has us in fits of laughter on a regular basis. Every business should have one!”

Dianne's commemorative plaque

Dianne’s brilliance obviously shone through those words, as she won the Berkshire Regional Final. On Wednesday 29th September 2010, Keith Burr of Recognition Express in Newbury came to Appletree Headquarters to present this plaque (see left) to Dianne, along with a bottle of bubbly and a £30 gift voucher for Marks & Spencer.

And in addition Appletree got £200 to spend with Recognition Express, who, as they say on their pens, provide “unique solutions in promoting your image”. Now we can have fun deciding which promotional goodies we will buy. Perhaps something to give our clients at Christmas?

Well done Dianne, and thank you!!


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