What makes you different?


On 1 September 2010 we took over running Ladies That Lunch … And Men Too.  This networking group has been running for about 7 years and I was a member when it first started. We’re now looking to grow the business, opening new venues and increasing the membership. To do this we need to know what makes this networking group different from others and what we can do to make stand out.

Here are some of things we’re looking at:

  1. The venues – what makes our venues better than others? What level of service do they offer? What’s the atmosphere like?
  2. The website – is it easy to use? What value does it add to membership?
  3. The networking lunches – what’s on the menu? How many people attend each meeting?
  4. The added value – what else can we offer our members? We’re looking at running workshops and asking our members what else they want

You can translate this into questions to ask yourself about your own business and what makes it different from your competitors.

  1. What does your office/location say about your business?
  2. Does your website deliver the right message?
  3. Does your service actually provide what your customers want?
  4. What value do you add?

When we’ve answered these questions, we’ll let you know! If you’re a member of LTL you might notice some improvements. In the meantime, think about what makes your business different from your competitors and then tell the world about it.


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