Blog carnivals: how they help your blog traffic


A blog carnival is a great way of getting more traffic to your blog.

It is referred to as a blogging event or community, or even a magazine. All these terms are confusing, so my interpretation is that a carnival is a special blog whose posts contains links or permalinks to other related blog posts within a particular subject or topic.

If you think of it like a magazine, a blog carnival contains a title, topic, editors, contributors, audience and a regular publishing schedule. The editor or host gathers together relevant and recently written blog posts on a predetermined topic. These are then listed in the carnival post, accompanied with the host’s comments, remarks and opinions to assist with comprehending the subject matter and choosing the relevant permalinks to read.

If you think of it like an event or community, it is a place where like-minded bloggers come together to collate, share and follow each others posts within a specific subject. New material is submitted regularly according to the schedule, and the collection of links within the carnival is extremely attractive to both search engine spiders as well as committed readers, hence why it’s good for increasing traffic to your blog.

If you’re interested in contributing to a blog carnival, browse through the blog carnival index and find one that is relevant to your niche. Many have a homepage that explains the carnival’s subject, submission details and how often it is published. Also, take the opportunity to read past posts to see if this carnival is the right one for you, and to get the general style and content. It is also a great way to meet other bloggers and use the blogosphere fully.


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  1. This works. 2 months ago I started posting to blog carnivals and have seen results. bookkeeper

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