How to avoid a boring blog


Blogs are hard work. They require consistent updating to make them successful, and unless you love or excel in writing skills, the effort required can be daunting.

Perhaps you feel you run out of things to say, you wonder if what you write is good enough, you don’t think anybody is reading it, or you feel your style is too stilted and boring.

So consider this: people don’t necessary react to a company, they usually buy into the person that represents it. In Appletree, Chantal is the business, and people respond to her and her ideas. If they like what they hear, they tune in and continue attentively because they want to know more.

So why not make your blog posts the same? A blog is a prime example of where you can express your thoughts and personality. You could take a subject that everybody is talking about (a good thing, as popular topics command excellent reactions on the internet) and turn it around to your point of view, making sure it is relevant to your blog’s niche and what your audience expects.

Putting your particular slant into these issues will make them more interesting, as I’m sure your readers will value good opinions with well-reasoned commentary, rather than the usual boring recantations so usually found in the blogging media.

And don’t forget personal points put across will evoke comments, which are also very good for your blog, as the search engines consider them as new material to index, as well as extending the interest factor of your posts. Controversial posts with relevant and poignant comments will also extend the subject matter into new avenues that could stimulate future posts.


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