Invisible elements of marketing


I just have to share this with you:

This post was so apt when I read it, it rang all my bells! I expect there have been plenty of times in the past when artists and designers have had their work overlooked because those concerned had no idea of how much time and effort had gone into it, just to be criticised by saying wrongly ‘but it only took you a few minutes’!

Picasso is quite right – he may have been a genius at drawing since a small child, but he still worked hard at his art all his life. This is particularly prevalent as Picasso continuously developed the way he did his art: exploring colour, introducing cubicism – I’m not going to continue as I’m not an expert on Picasso – but he never stopped thinking how he could improve or do something different to test all the boundaries of modern art.

So he was quite right in his demands for his work. It’s the same in business, we charge what we’re worth because of our past experience, because of what we’ve learned, because we can adapt to meet the client’s requirements, because we take a pride in what we do, because we care.

But we don’t stop there – we can improve other businesses’ performance because of our collective resources of marketing, design, copywriting, online work, with continued education, experience gained, hard work put in – this confirms what we charge for what we do, even when the other party has no idea how much has gone into a project to make it worthy for them.

Enough of my gripes – what’s your experiences in this?


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