Don’t get a dog and then bark yourself



This concept arose from a question I saw in a LinkedIn Group about small businesses wearing too many hats. It also may have been sparked off by Chantal’s last post about the mistakes learned while establishing her business. 

When you own a business you want everything to happen at once, brilliant results to start coming in immediately and your coffers to start to swell. Reality is that everything takes an eternity to happen, hiccups and unforeseen scenarios hinder progress, horrible spectres loom in the distance and money simply disappears down a bottomless hole. 

Well, that’s just my disillusioned reaction as a failed business woman. But since working for Chantal I have been able to watch and learn from the sidelines. Chantal didn’t get where she is today without letting go. She let go of when she realised she couldn’t do everything herself. She realised that she needed to outsource, and eventually, when the time was right, to hire. She needed to concentrate on the areas she knew she was good at, and use people to do the other stuff she knew they could do better. 

In other words, use dogs to bark for you, as they are better at barking because they are dogs and that’s what they do. 

So take a good look at the marketing of your business. How good are you at it and how well is it performing? Which bits do you enjoy, and what do you hate most? Would you rather just do the enjoyable bits and not have to worry about the rest? What would you like to concentrate on, but feel you haven’t got the time or the expertise to accomplish it properly? 

So why not get a dog to bark for you?


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