Turn your service into a product to make it easier to sell


When you provide a service, it can be difficult to explain to a potential client what it is that you do and what they will get for the fee. It’s much easier to sell what you do by creating a package or product out of it. And if you can create a number of packages, you’ll be able to offer your potential clients a really good choice.

Let me give you an example:

Jo is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultant who works with three sizes of clients – large, medium and small. When I first asked her how she delivers her services, she was rather unsure of the best way to describe it. So we developed three distinct packages, each aimed at the different sized clients and the specific issues they’re struggling with, with which Jo can help them. For each one we used language that will be understood by her different types of client. Now when you look at Jo’s website, it’s easy to see which package is right for you, depending on your business.

We then took this a stage further by creating an additional package, which can be added on to two of her main services. Jo often visits companies to review what CSR they’re doing and to encourage them to think about how they can do more. She used to write up a report about what they were doing and their goals for the coming year. Too often, that report was just filed away and not looked at until the following year. And it certainly wasn’t used to tell the world about all the good stuff they were doing and planning to do.

So we came up with an extension to her service. Once Jo has written the report, we turn it into a great looking PDF, using the client’s branding, images and photos, that they can put onto their website for everyone to see, that they can send to their clients and prospects and that they can send to the press.

In addition, we write a short press release for them send out, along with the actual report. This is a joint service provided by Jo’s company (Creating Synergy) and us at Appletree. It pulls together two different and complementary sets of skills to provide a ‘product’ that will be really useful. If you’d like to talk to us about how it could help you, click here to visit Jo’s website and see an example; or talk to us at Appletree.

And then think about how you can package your services and work with others, to create even more!


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