CSR – An Admin Assistant’s view


How this Administration Assistant became aware of Corporate Social Responsibility:

 “I will set you a challenge” said my boss. “I would like you to go out into the community, find yourself a job and volunteer your Administration services for one week.”

I thought this a stiff challenge. I might have to leave my comfortable office, meet new people, take on a task and successfully complete it within a given timeframe. Success or failure, how will I fare? How can I combine this with helping within the community? Where can I look for such a task, and who will help me? With all these thoughts running through my mind, I turned to the one source I usually turn to when I need information and set about searching online using key words such as volunteer, charities, events. There were pages and pages of these so I decided to take down telephone numbers and a few contact details of local charities in my area. 

I considered emailing the various charities with details of when I would be available for work but this would take time. The only course of action was to pick up the phone and talk to someone. It is now March and I needed to get things moving quickly if I was going to get involved in a key event being held this year. 

After many phone calls I discovered the Newbury Volunteer Centre and spoke to Garry Poulson the Director. I outlined briefly what I would be able to offer in terms of admin support, and my time. As a result, I am due to meet Garry to discuss a project that he has in mind for me. After our meeting I hope things will become clear. I want to feel a sense of achievement at the end of my task. I will ask myself, has this work been worthwhile? Who in the community will benefit? How can I spread the word about this? What have I gained from it? I will keep you posted. 

Are you doing anything similar with your company?


3 Responses

  1. I volunteer with Girl Guiding UK and offer the resources and technology that Gap HR uses to “spread the word” about Guiding. This also involves running a unit every week and, as District Commissioner, helping the other 5 units to achieve what they want to. Our big project at the moment is our Centenary celebrations, so I spend a lot of my time arranging trips to Blenheim Palace for a party and the Brecon Beacons for camping, as well as campfires for the whole district. Rewarding when you see how much fun the girls have. Worth all the effort!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about your volunteering – it sounds like lots of fun! Have you thought about using your voluntary work to help promote your business and build your reputation in your local area?

  3. Well done, Di! I wish I had half your initiative and energy! Let us know how it goes… Kx

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