Can you make money by going green?


Are you doing your bit to save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint? And if you are, can you use what you’re doing to make money, by telling people what you’re doing to promote your business?

At Appletree we’re really keen to do whatever we can to reduce our costs and help the environment. We walk to work when we can – really fun in the snow! If we only want one cup of coffee, we don’t boil enought for an army. And when we built a new desk, we gave away lots of our unneeded office furntiure to someone who needed it more than us.

So we’re already doing things to be more green. And when we realised how much we were doing, we decided to start telling people about what it, to get some more publicity for our business.

Click here to read more about making money from going green in the latest issue of my email newsletter.

What are you doing to do your bit and go green in your business and what are you doing to tell the world about it?


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