What’s the best way to network?



What do antlers, pink stars, purple suits and stripping off have to do with networking?!

They were just some of the props and tactics used yesterday at a networking breakfast I went to. It was a busy meeting with about 20 people there; everyone had the chance to present their business in just 40 seconds and many of us used something unusual to get our messages across and make a great impression.

How do you present your business? What do you do to make sure people remember who you are and what you do?

If you need help with creating a great impression, come to my next workshop on 5 March for a really fun, interactive session. Antlers and pink stars will be included – stripping is optional! Click on http://bit.ly/8xHcor for more information.


One Response

  1. I was at the same meeting and it was really interesting to see the different approaches people took to their introductions. Some just listed what they did, some used props and some seemed to go miles off the point and left you intrigued!

    Standing up in front of 20 people and talking can be a daunting prospect and I’m sure your workshop will be a really fun and relaxed way of learning how best to make an impression.

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