What’s special about Appletree?

Why not start off a new blog with a video testimonial?

In this blog we (Appletree Marketing) will be exploring the many facets of marketing and how it can help up and coming businesses who want to “get the work done!”

This is because so many of our clients have praised the fact that we keep as close to our deadlines as possible, do what we say we’re going to do, and don’t just recommend a project and leave it to the client to cope with it on their own.

And also we look at as many sides of the company we’re marketing for as is needed. Complete analysation of every aspect of what the client does is important if they are to be properly promoted in the best possible light.

Editor’s Note: this video is only in its first cut.


4 Responses

  1. Fantastic testimonial and though not a fan of video interviews (just a personal thing) I think this is great!

  2. It’s a great testimonial, although, as you might guess, I’d cut it around a minute shorter to make it more a lot more punchy. It really is well worth being ruthless and getting rid of any repetitiveness, or parts that aren’t quite as succinct as they could be.
    Also, I’d make sure all the very best bits are at the beginning, because there will always be people who’ll stop watching before the end and so miss all the really good stuff. And being as long as it is, that’s more likely to happen, in my opinion.
    There are a lot of negatives in the first 45 seconds or so, explaining why she hadn’t gone to Appletree before and I feel that gives a ‘down’ feeling, when it should start on a ‘high’.
    Sorry to be so picky but I hope it helps.

    • Thanks Gill, I really value the response of a video expert. We do recognise that it’s a bit long, and that there are negative bits at the beginning, but as we put at the bottom of the post, this is the editor’s first cut. Chantal will organise it to be edited to her liking and we will post it up again.

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